Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Bash-ful Affair (Part 3)

Steven really knows how to throw a birthday bash. The party is filled with magnates and socialites (friends of mummy and daddy) but mostly gorgeous looking people, some ex classmates, primary, secondary, college, interior design school, but mostly from his expanse circle of model friends, and their model friends, and everybody is dressed to kill.

I am sitting down drinking my fifth (sixth?) glass of champagne and just enjoying myself she Melanie came and sat beside me and held my hands while whispering in my ear, "Harry, three o'clock, six feet tall, slightly scruffy, standing to the left of the girl in green." I nodded, eyes fixed. "Stop staring! God you're such a high school girl!" Melanie pinched my right thigh. "Ow! What about him?"

"We were talking just now. And we were laughing t that old socialite there wearing something even Bjork wouldn't wear. We were totally hitting it off and then he told me, "I saw you came with your guy friend sitting over there, he's cute.""

I stared at melanie and asked, "And?"

"Harry, he is talking about you! He likes you, not me! I am showing him half of my tits and I keep flicking my hair and all he wants is someone with a dick. When I used to have a dick, everyone wanted a pussy. And now when I have one, all the guys want someone with a dick!"

"Melanie, are you high? Are you gonna flash yourself again like last time?"

At that very moment Star came rushing to our table. "Oh my god, guess who I saw? Bernard!"

"Who the fuck is Bernard?" Melanie spat, obviously pissed about her lack of proper genitals at the right time.

"I was 15 years old when Bernard took my virginity. Don't you guys remember? Apparently Stevieboy used to design his house back in the states, when Stevieboy was based there for a year two years ago!"

To which Melanie asked, "And this is news to us because...?"

"Because he just gave me his room number and we are going to possibly recreate 2003 all over again." Star smiled. "He is staying at the room right above ours, four floors up. And he is waiting for me so may I..."

"Go Star. But I will always remember this night; when you choose a lousy screw over us." I said.

"Harry, I have shoved my tits into this, do you know how painful it is for me to walk around in this? I want to take it off..."

"In front of Bernard. Where is Steven?" Melanie asked.

Steven, as we are talking is on the dance floor dancing to a remix of Rihanna's Where Have You Been. Let's just say, money can't buy you dancing skills. But hey, I have a Tom Ford tux. Yay to me.

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