Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Bash-ful Affair (Part One)

Star, Melanie and I are sitting at Starbucks discussing on what to wear for an upcoming birthday party organized by Steven. Steven is Melanie's best friend from secondary school they were in the National Cadet Corps together back in school, when you know, Melanie was still melvin. Surprisingly, Steven fully accepts the transformation of his best buddy from man, to woah-man. He even paid for a couple of Melanie's surgery procedures.

Ah, Steven, before I forget, is rich. Like really, really rich. We are talking about a mini empire here. His father owns 46 branches of upscale Italian restaurants around the world and 7 nightclubs in both L.A. and Amsterdam. Mother owns a chain of spas in Asia Pacific. Last count? 14 branches. Steven is an interior designer by profession, so basically he is the one responsible for making daddy and mummy's shops look pretty and chic. They say luck and nepotism go hand in hand and boy is Steven a prime example of that.

He is the only son. A supremely eligible bachelor even by the highest standards. But here's the catch; He likes men. So basically there won't be any ground wedding, and a custom made Vera Wang wedding dress. Steven, or Stevieboy as we call him, has a lot of money to spend, but obviously not on diamonds for a random money grabbing tramp.

So since there is no wedding party, Steven puts it upon himself to throw one of the biggest birthday parties in Singapore. he books a ballroom at a 5 star hotel and invites everybody he knows. There's booze, music, more booze, spa vouchers (courtesy of mummy) as door gifts and food is always posh nosh Italian (daddy's obviously). And for the past four years, we have been regularly attending his birthday party, VIP seats no less. Melanie says it is because Steven has a crush on me and I...sort of love it. I know, the lines of morality can always be blurred, at least when I feel like it. This year's birthday party theme is "The Oscars". Steven emailed Melanie yesterday saying that he will buy a gown for each of them, any label, because "You are the only two girls who deserve it."

Right now Star is deciding between a plum Zac Posen empire cut dress or a white one shouldered tulle gown from Valentino. Melanie, in all her tranny fabulousness, have decided on Gucci, lamé gold with a plunging neckline and a little dramatic train. Can you blame her?

"Harry, Steven also said that he has custom made a Tom Ford suit for you. It's arriving tomorrow!" Melanie gushed.

"How does he know my measurements?" I asked, suspicious.

"I...gave it to him", Melanie whispered, looking away.

"Mel! You could have asked me first!" I fumed.

"Honey, you're getting a Tom Ford suit for free, so shut it. Aww...how sweet. You should just date him  Harry. All the Armani and Zegna in the world. Think!" Star interrupted.

I glared at her. I can well afford my own Armani and Zegna, but then again, what is wrong about getting a free tux right? Blurred morals, so I kept quiet.

Star finally decided to opt for the white Valentino because she wants to be Anne Hathaway and "we will come into the ballroom in black, gold and white and blow off everyone's head, no pun intended."

"Oh Steven has also booked a suite for the three of us at St. Regis, where the party is going to be at. Well four cause Steven is going to overnight together with us in the room the night before. Star and I have forked out money to get him a Dunhill cigarette case. That man has everything but he keeps his cigarettes all over. And yes before you ask, you are going to be sharing the master bedroom with him and give him a priceless birthday gift while you're at it." Melanie winked.