Sunday, November 11, 2012

Son Of A Tycoon

Earlier on in the day, Steven texted Star, Melanie and me asking us if we were free for brunch. Steven's idea of brunch is wearing something chic and slightly fancy, at a five star hotel. And my idea of brunch is wearing my pyjamas and whipping up a hearty homemade Aglio Olio. He sent a mass text message, "Brunch, 12 sharp? I've got something really important to share. I'll pick you guys up and brunch is on me. Please?"

Star: Are you getting a sex change too? Alright pick me up at 1130. Usual place. Wait, does this mean that I have to wear something fancy? Urgh, I have yet to shower!
Melanie: Free brunch with Stevieboy? I'm in. 1145. Usual place.
Me: Since when did Steven become your designated driver girls?
Star: Since he owns a motherfucking Audi. Chao!

Two and a half hours later, the four of us were sitting in a posh nosh restaurant that sells 45 bucks salads, wearing fancy clothes, eating fancy food (raw tuna is shitty). I have no idea why some restaurants have a dress code because in this country, wearing a jacket only means that you are going to be sweating your pits off. If not for the fact that I am being transported from one place to the other in an air-conditioned Audi, I would have said no straightaway. But hey, free meal, free ride, I get to wear something nice and look good once in a while (at least I think I look good); no complaints there.

"Do I look nice in my new dress? I got it from Bebe at a sale!" Star asked, adjusting her shoulder straps.

"It's short. And sparkly. And half of your tits are showing so by standards, yes, you look nice," I replied on behalf of the other two, eyes scanning the menu.

"You are not even looking at me," Star said.

"Your dress is so sparkly I can see the shimmer and glimmer from the reflection on the table from where I am sitting right now," I answered.

"Bitch," Star whispered under her breath.

"I can hear that," I said, glancing up.

She did looked great. She has a fantastic body and isn't afraid of flaunting it. Side swept hair, pearl drop earrings and her favourite YSL tribute sandals completed her look. melanie on the other hand  was looking demure (I know right?) in a knee length peplum (all the rage now!) dress. Steven, sitting on my left looks like he belongs in a Prada advert. My idea of fancy brunch garb is tan brogues, white t-shirt and a plaid jacket. Anything more and I will feel like I am going up on stage to receive an award. The four of us looked like Sex and The City meets Queer Eye For the Straight Guy.

"So what is the important news you wanted to tell us Stevieboy?" Melanie asked.

Steven smiled.

"What is it?" Star asked, raising her eyebrows.

"I invited you all here for brunch because I want to share this piece of news only to the people closest to me. And you guys are the only friends that I am truly close to and I trust with my life," Steven shared.

"Aww, that's too sweet. Now continue!" Melanie blurted midway.

"So! About a week ago my father sat my mother down with me and read us through his will. He is not dying but you know, he decided to get the will drafted and signed just in case. In the will, it says that in his demise, a quarter of his assets, this includes shares, his properties, his businesses and it's accumulative profits bla bla bla will go to charity. Another quarter will go to my mother, not that she needs it, but you know my dad being my dad, every penny needs to be stretched to the last penny, and the remaining half would be under my name. My father rarely talks about money at home, in fact never but a week ago, after 25 years, I finally have an understanding of the magnitude of his wealth and monetary assets. And it is alot. Like...a lot," Steven spoke softly.

"How much are we talking about here? When the old man kicks the bucket, which I don't mean he will, but you much will you be getting?" Star asked, straightforward.

Steven smiled.

"You're killing me! Steven!" Melanie cried.

"About 75 million."

"What the fuck?!" Star screamed.

"Star!" I hushed.

"Oh my god Steven you are literally the real life Tony Stark!" Melanie said excitedly, her fake boobs heaving heavily.

"Mel, his father is not dead yet, don't be deplorable," I said.

"It's fine. And that is actually only the assets as of now. The profits that the restaurants and clubs will keep on making, I have a 25% share in it, until of course there is no one else left to run the business say in another 30, 40 years?" Steven shared.

"So on top of 75 million fucking dollars, you get monetary profits for the next 30, 40 years?" Star asked.

Steven nodded his head.

I gulped. There was a deafening silence. Half an hour ago, Star texted me: Does this mean that you will be a Tai Tai if you hook up with him?

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