Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Begone Crow's Feet

Plastic surgery really is a personal choice, that much I can vouch for. No amount of insecurity or pressure can drive anyone to go through it but the person itself. And the person in question here is Star. Well she didn't really go under the knife considering that Botox is a non-invasive surgery.

Yes, Botox. Star, at a grand old age of twenty-four decided that Botox was the only solution to win the battle between herself and her deepening crows feet. That and she has 700 bucks to blow.

Naturally I was against it. I am all for plastic surgery don't get me wrong. But I just find the idea of a twenty-four year old woman getting a Botox injection absolutely ridiculous. What kind of low self-esteem is Star suffering from? Judging from her track record with men, she is hardly the kind of woman who needs to go under the knife to make herself more defensive.

And please do note that this is the same woman who spends over five hundred dollars every two months on her La Mer skincare products. All Star needs to do is wear a bandage dress and her fuckability factor goes into the stratosphere. And yet, she is adamant about getting Botox.

"I mean I can well afford it. And I can remain twenty four for the next six months so why not? There's no harm trying. If I don't like it, I won't do it again. Simple," Star reasoned with Steve, Melanie and I two weeks ago, five days before going for the procedure.

"That's what Joan Rivers said forty years ago and look at her," Steve said.

"But Joan Rivers is fucking fabulous," I chirped in.

Steve nodded.

"Oh Joan Rivers and Melanie can do it but I can't?" Star raised her voice defensively.

"Because Joan Rivers is a legend and Melanie is a tranny who needs Botox to soften her naturally mannish face," I explained.

"Hello, I'm still here," Melanie suddenly spoke, eyes finally peeled away from her Blackberry.

"And you would be expressionless for an entire day and wouldn't be able to blow off the candles of a birthday cake. That would be sad, really sad," Steve continued, not missing a beat.

"What the fuck was that for?" Star shook her head, confused.

"I do not have a naturally mannish face, fuck you!" Melanie said, hitting my right arm.

And that was that.

And because we are all the pillar of strength for each other, all three of us decided to accompany Star for her maiden Botox procedure at this private clinic in Tanjong Pagar. Support yes, but also to laugh at her afterwards like what real friends do.

When she exited the doctor's room, all three of us stood up and crowded over her like concerned mothers.

"Are you okay?" Steve asked, holding her arm.

Star just nodded.

"Star, they injected your temples, not your mouth," Melanie rolled her eyes.

I laughed out loud.

"Shut up," Star said softly.

"Do you feel fabulous now baby?" I teased.

"I can't see the difference to be honest," Steve absentmindedly explained.

"Can you try to wink at me?" I goaded her.

Steve and Melanie laughed so hard a nurse came over and told us to keep air volume down.

Three days after that the four of us met again for dinner, for the first time since Star went for her procedure. Star looks the same really, just a tad more refreshed. The crow's feet was gone completely and her face did look tighter and more luminous. Star was really happy with the result of her maiden Botox procedure and told us that it really boosted her confidence.

"And also the shine on her face but don't tell her I said that," Steve texted me that night.

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