Monday, January 14, 2013

Doughing My thigh

This new year, Steve is hell bent of fulfilling his bucket list. You would think that a rich kid like himself would have gone through and accomplished a lot more than an average person, but having seen his bucket list, I am thoroughly surprised.

So last week was the start of "SBLP" otherwise known as 'Steve's Bucket List Programme". 2013 would be the year that Steve would try to strike off one by one of his Bucket's List. he, being a total pussy that he is, have asked for my assistance in his stupid programme. The first thing on the list: Go for a full body massage.

You would think that a man whose mother owns a mini empire of spas in the whole of Asia Pacific would have at least gone for a full body massage at least once in his life. But not Steve.

"You're kidding me right?" I asked him last week, both of us at his place going though the bucket's list.

"I'm not. I'm fucking ticklish and nobody have ever troubled me nor seen me naked for a massage," Steve said.

"So says the gay man who indulge in casual gay sex," I rolled my eyes.

Steve smacked my head from the back.

"So where are we going for a massage then Mr I'm-too-ticklish-for-a-massage?" I teased him.

"One of my mum's spa? Where else," Steve replied.

I smiled at him. Ah, the benefits of being best friends with a rich kid and god knows how much I needed that massage.

We settled for the spa over at this newly opened hotel in Sentosa. apparently the spa overlooks the sea and is exclusive as hell. Perfect.

"Did you make any reservations for the both of us?" I asked him the moment we reached Sentosa.

Steve shook his head.

"How are we going for the massage then? I've read online, the spa does not entertain walk-ins, only reservations," I asked slightly worried.

"I practically own that motherfucking spa, hello? Now shut the fuck up and let me prep myself mentally for later!" Steve raised his voice.

I snorted.

"It's a massage, not genocide in a tank," I replied.

True enough, the moment Steve opened the door of the spa, three staffs immediately came to his service; one gave us a welcome drink, the other one taking away our belongings and one to help facilitate a room for her boss's son, and his pathetic freeloader friend (me!).

Just then, Steve received a text from Star. Steve showed me and laughed. On the phone it read: Fuck you Steve! Why Harry? Why not me?! You cocksucker. Melanie also said fuck you. You owe us girls! Asshole!

"Jealous, obviously," I smiled.

We were then taken into this big room and it smelled of lavender and mandarin oranges. there were two massaging beds and two masseuse standing in there just waiting for us.

"I designed the interior. Nice isn't it?" Steve said.

"I didn't ask," I shook my head. Okay fine the room was fucking amazing. It's how Cleopatra's boudoir would look like is he lived in the 21st century. Chic yet opulent.

The two masseuse handed us a bathrobe and a disposable underwear to change into for the massage. Steve held the underwear up and said, "You're fucking kidding me."

A couple of minutes later the two ladies came in and we are already lying face down on the bed. The moment my masseuse started massaging me, I could feel my whole body relax. Meanwhile on the other bed, Steve is giggling away like a girl, "Ow! No, no stop! Hahahaha, stop! Okay, okay...stop! Hahahaha stop!"

"Shut. The. Fuck. Up." I groaned.

"She's kneading my thighs like a dough and I can't help it!" Steve said, laughing.

And bear in mind that this is only number one on his list. So help me god.

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