Sunday, January 13, 2013

25 Things You Shouldn't Say To A Girl On A First Date

1. I was free tonight, I had no plans, so why not right?

2. My colleague has the exact same dress as you. It was on discount wasn't it?

3. Gurrrl, you look great. Lurrrve your hair.

4. Shall we go eat at somewhere cheaper?

5. Sorry I am late, I was helping my mother do the laundry.

6. So do you this often?

7. I have so many things to share with you about me. Where shall I start?

8. Your lipstick is running. No, I'm serious.

9. I'm looking to settle down, hence, today.

10. Give me a sec, my mate/brudder texted me.

11. *talking on the phone "She's alright. Not gorgeous. A'ight."

12. Do you have Facebook?

13. You're wearing too much makeup.

14. I can only spare two hours. I have plans later.

15. You smell exactly like my ex-girlfriend.

16. You're quite...flat aren't you?

17. I have the entire DVD collection of Sex And The City. I could borrow it to you sometime.

18. If not for my mum, I wouldn't be here.

19. Were you skinnier than you are right now?

20. Man do you have big feet.

21. I call my car Jingles. Cute right?

22. *looking at your breasts "Do you have names for the twins?"

23. I'm surprised that you actually have a job. You look like the homely kind.

24. I forgot my wallet. Could you pay first for dinner?

25. I'm sorry but you're bleeding cause your skirt...shit.

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