Sunday, January 13, 2013

School Of Bullies

The repercussions of bullying is much more severe than we think it is. "Bullying" and "Death", in this day and age is not much of a stretch and this fact by itself is sickening and alarming. There are hundreds of kids who commit suicide because of bullying. In some cases, bullies physically harm these poor children, sometimes to the point of death. For me it all boils down to education.

The lack of education breeds ignorance and ignorance is the very foundation of bullies and the act of bullying. Let's face it, acceptance is much harder than ignorance. So kids who are different, in the slightest bit becomes the subject of bullying.

But all seriousness aside, bullying can give birth to two things: insecurity or self confidence, and in abundance for both. The reason why I'm talking about bullying in this post is because Melanie's nephew have been the subject of bullying, all because of his water bottle.

Melanie bought for him a pink water bottle and the poor kid barely made it into the second period when the other boys in his class started teasing him and calling him a girl. That was two months ago and the situation has worsened. Yesterday one of the boys called him a "fag". The boy has been taken into disciplinary action but Melanie's nephew has started to dread school as of two weeks ago, before the shocking utterance.

"I hope that boy gets touched by a pedophile," Melanie said, recollecting the incident to us.

Steve chocked on his latte.

"As a victim of child molestation fifteen years ago, I find that oddly...amusing," Steve laughed. When he was ten, he was molested regularly by his uncle who was also a drug addict.

"Pedophile crackhead" as Steve would always say.

"I think parents have a moral duty to impart proper values and lead by example, at least until the kid is big enough to know the difference between tolerance and ignorance," Melanie said, flipping her legendary weave.

"That is why I don't wish to have any children, simply because I would make a very bad parent. By twelve my child would probably use the word "cunt" to spit at a female classmate as a joke because "My daddy uses the word "cunt" to joke with my tranny godmum!" Very likely," I bemused.

Steve chocked on his late again.

"That is wrong on so many levels!" Steve laughed throatily.

"Where do you think the boy learned the word "fag"? Star suddenly chirped in, her mind finally shifting into the gear three minutes after a topic of discussion has ended. That's Star for you.

"God knows. Maybe he was watching his father's stash of Brent Everett gay porn?" Melanie said.

Steve chocked on his latte for the third time.

"Guys! I'm trying to drink my soy latte stop it!" Steve continued laughing.

All four of us have been bullied during our school years. Steve suffered from a case of money extortion, mainly due to the fact that he was a rich kid. Star would be taunted back in school for being the only eleven year old in fifth grade who developed breasts. Star, being Star retaliated by taunting the boys to see their mother's tits for the same thing (at eleven, and already a bitch). I myself was the subject of bullying for being the tallest in class. They called me "bamboo pole".

Melanie's bullying was the best. When Melanie was still Melvin, the boys would call her a faggot, gay, cocksucker and the likes of it. Her retort?

"Pull down your pants and let me suck it then."

Silence. Good one Mel.

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