Thursday, April 25, 2013

What A Big T(issue)

Stupidity and ignorance is prevalent (and rampant) in this county. This is the only country in the entire world where it makes perfect sense to claim ownership of a table at a public eatery with...a tissue paper.

Luckily for my friends and I, we don't adhere to such rubbish.

Yesterday, Steve, Melanie, Star and I decided to have Nasi Lemak at Adam Road because it has been ages since we all sat together for dinner at a foodcourt.

At around eight at night, Steve picked up all of us and off we went to savour the legendary Adam Road Nasi Lemak.

When we reached, it was relatively busy and quite packed; then again when is Adam Road foodcourt not packed? Star saw an empty round table and quickly sat there. I sat with her and asked Melanie and Steve to buy the Nasi Lemak for us.

After sitting down, I realized that there is a pack of tissues on the table. I snorted and took it away and asked Star to keep it in her bag.

"What do you know? Free tissues," I sniggered.

Star chuckled.

A couple of minutes later, Melanie and Steve came to our table bearing four plates of the glorious Nasi Lemak. We quickly tucked in, unable to contain our ravenous appetite.

Just then, two middle aged ladies came to our table, a tray filled with food per lady, face annoyed.

"Sorry this is our table," one of the lady said curtly.

"There wasn't anybody who was sitting here when i came," Star said, her voice calm and steady.

"You cannot see the tissue is it?" the other lady replied rudely.

"Oh this?" Star said taking out the packet of tissue paper from her bag.

Both women had a horrified expression on their faces.

"Yes! That's mine! I reserved the seat already this table is mine!" one of them raised their voice.

"Oh my god this Nasi Lemak is sooo good!" Melanie said, spiting the two ladies even more.

"So if I throw a packet of tissue in your house, can I come by in a couple of hours and say it's mine?" Star asked, childlike.

I chuckled. Loudly.

"But it's common sense! This is Singapore you know!" one of the ladies said, literally shouting now. Half of the people seated in the foodcourt stared at our table.

"It's not," Star shook her head and smiled.

"What?" the lady spat.

"It's not common sense. At all," Star shook her head.

"Stupid people!" one of them said, and both ladies walked away.

"This is why I don't eat at foodcourts. And it's not because I am filthy rich," Steve said, biting into his chicken wing.

"Are we going to be on Stomp?" Melanie asked.

"Wouldn't you love that?" I laughed.

But honestly, are we on Stomp?


  1. Haha! I really like this post ! ;D

  2. Funny that the government teaches people to hold the lift for everyone, but forgets to teach them to say thank you, I have seen an old man in his seventies holding the lift opened for everyone not one of those retards say thank you