Monday, August 26, 2013

Apocalypse Technology

The thing about living in an era of machines and limitless technology is that it makes us lazy sons of peaches.

Much have been discussed, written, reported, studied, debated and argues about this topic but one doesn't really realize the severity of the situation until technology and machinery itself is being taken away from us abruptly and we are left hanging in the darkness of simplicity and involuntary manual labour.

Three days ago, Melanie came back home from work only to realize that there is a maintenance work on both elevators at the condominium where she's living.

Melanie lives on the 22nd floor.

To make things worst, she was wearing a pair of 5 inch Nine West heels from work.

"I took it off by the 8th storey. I am not that stupid," she talked to me on the phone yesterday.

"Well you're stupid enough to wear 5 inch stilettos to work in the first place. What the hell Mel, you're a hairdresser. You're on your feet the whole time. Hello? Common sense?" I teased her.

"Are you going to let me finish or not?" she snapped, visibly (aurally, really) agitated.

"Fine....go ahead," I laughed.

"So I took off my shoes and climbed another 14 storeys back to my apartment only to realize that the elevators are working when I have already reached my gate. I'm a woman! How could they do this to me? I was sweating and the soles of my feet were dirtier than the insides of Star's vagina!" Melanie whined on the phone.

"Well in all honesty you're not a wo..."

"Shut up Harry! I know what I am!" she cut me off halfway.


There was a moment of silence. Melanie continued.

"And guess what? As if one machine breakdown in a day is not enough, an electrical crisis has to happen. My toilet light bulb got spoiled and I had to change the lightbulbs. Me. Changing lightbulbs. That's mens work!" she raised her voice.

I chuckled.

"Oh stop it Harry! When I was a man I didn't know how to fix lightbulbs. I won't know how to do so even as a woman urgh!"

I laughed so hard I dropped my phone (thankfully on my fluffy mattress).

But this incident really got me thinking about the dependency of the human race and modern technology. Can we really live without it? All while sipping iced tea that's been perfectly chilled i my new Mitsubishi eco-friendly fridge.

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