Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Annoying List

In conjunction with Taylor Swift's annoying 22 hit song, here are 22 annoying things that I have graciously listed down.

1. Body odour in public transportation. If you're not going to take a shower in the morning, you're most definitely not welcomed on public transportation.

2. Excessively negative people. And it's worst if it's attention seeking. Like I would gladly push you off a cliff to end your "misery".

3. Parents who bring babies to movie theaters thinking that the loud sound system would not startle their baby and making them wail. Throughout the movie. Cause common sense is overrated.

4. Sales assistants who say, "It's all there". Well if I found what I wanted, I wouldn't be asking you in the first place would I?

5. Wet cutleries at foodcourts. Is my dish more delicious with a generous sprinkle of tap water or what?

6. People who jut their legs on the seat in front of them. I'm not interested in a free back rub thank you very fucking much.

7. Faulty elevators. Why? Why? Why? I pay my taxes. I have every right to be a selfish lazy bastard if I want to.

8. Soup served cold. Reheat and repeat please thank you very much.

9. Persistent flyer distributors. Stop following me, I am not interested in a $38 Thai body massage.

10. ATMs only capable of dispensing $50 notes. The death of me.

11. People who wear glasses without the lenses. Hello? Stupidity also got limit okay?

12. Beliebers.

13. Mediacorp Channel 5. I know it's a free to air channel but we've seen Con Air and Face Off on your channel a grand total of 897215309827314576 times.

14. Taxis that don't accept NETS as a form of payment. GET ON WITH THE PROGRAM.

15. Starbucks on weekdays. If I had wanted to see a whole lot of people studying, I would go to a library. Fuck off.

16. The Last Page on 8Days. Uninspiring, unfunny and absolutely unreadable.

17. Unresponsive EZLINK card readers.

18. Homework. But then again I'm Malay and we're naturally lazy.

19. Jennifer Aniston.

20. Weak Public Wifi. Nothing sets me off than being on Wifi weaker than Amanda Byne's level of sanity.

21. Price tags that don't peel off clearly.

22. The audience in every of The Ellen DeGenerees show. Were they fed with ecstasy before the show or what? Ridiculously happy people are very dodgy.

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