Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Prayers For Bobby

I am possibly the last person on the face of the earth that has not watched the Emmy nominated Lifetime movie Prayers For Bobby. Well I was, until yesterday. And it totally changed my life.

Steve got back early yesterday from work and he had no plans after that so we stayed at home and ordered pizza. I wasn't ready to be assaulted with another viewing of Burlesque and thankfully, so was Steve. So there we were, three large pizzas (pepperoni, meat lovers and spicy chicken) in front of us, a large bottle of coke, chips and we have nothing to watch. We stared at each other.

"Come on Steve, make a decision on what movie to watch," I said, munching on Lays sour cream and onion chips.

"I'm a bad decision maker," Steve replied flatly.

"We've watched your entire DVD collection. Let's go on YouTube and see what five movies are there to watch," I suggested.

"That's so middle class, always up for a free movie," Steve mocked jokingly.

"You got a better higher upper class suggestion?"

"Fine!" Steve rolled his eyes and switched on his Macbook and attached a cable from the Macbook to this gigantic flat screen HD television.

"Okay now what?" Steve said after logging in on YouTube.

"Hmm, let's work something sad, I'm in the mood for it," I recommended.

"Please don't cry and wipe your middle class tears on my Lanvin pillowcase," Steve laughed.

"That's like asking Steve to fly economy. Highly impossible. I WILL cry. And I WILL wipe my middle class tears on your Lanvin pillowcase, unfortunately. If it is a really sad movie, mucous included," I curtly replied.

Steve suggested that we watch Prayers For Bobby because one of his friends recommended the movie to him a couple of years ago but he never got around to watching the film because, oh I don't know, he was probably busy watching Miss Aguilera howling in her underwear all these while. I immediately agreed because I too have been busy (doing what I can't think of) and have never gotten the opportunity to watch it.

And thankfully for us, Prayers For Bobby is in youTube, in HD no less.

FOr those of you readers who have not watched it, I urge you to. I think it is one of the defining movies one can experience in his/her lifetime. Prayers For Bobby is a story about Mary Griffith, a staunch and devout Christian whose son Bobby, is gay. She tries to change him and in turn he became depressed and jumped off a bridge and got hit by an 18 wheeler truck and died instantly. The movie also shows how Mary came to terms with her son's homosexuality and thus came the famous quote, "I now know why God didn't heal Bobby. It is because...there was nothing wrong with him!"

Let's just put it out there. I am a wuss. The biggest kind there is. I think all of you definitely knows that face. I mean, I've possibly seen the worst sappy movies and when I think there is no more tears left in my eye ducts, they wring it all out of my eyes.

When Prayers For Bobby was at the final scene, and Sigourney Weaver, who played Mary was in a court and breaking down and talking about her lack of understanding of the LGBT community and how her ignorance caused her son's death, Steve turned to me and screamed, "Shut up! You're wheezing it's fucking irritating!"

I really couldn't help it. And yes, just for asking me to shut up, I did what he has always hated me doing; I wiped my tears on his Lanvin pillowcase, mucous included.

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