Monday, January 28, 2013

Lightning And Hammers

One of the best advice that my mum have imparted to me is, "Don't try to talk about things that you don't know of or you will end up sounding like a goddamn fool." Yes, my mum used the word "goddamn" even when giving advice. So you know where I picked up my foul language from; at home.

But there is a great amount of truth in that piece of advice. People nowadays talk way too much about things that they know little or nothing of. Fools, fools everywhere. And that is the reason why I never talk about religion, politics or righteousness.

I am far from being a social or political commentariat but what happened two days ago was so politically incorrect that I just had to share. A couple of days ago was the by-election for Punggol East GRC and Melanie, bless her soul had to cast her votes because she lives in the constituency. So after casting her votes in the afternoon, she met us for dinner afterwards.

"So who did you vote for?" Steve asked excitedly.

"I don't know. I just crossed on a random box," Melanie answered nonchalantly, eyes skimming the menu.

"You don't know who you voted for?" Steve asked, slightly shocked.

"Oh, the one with the hammer logo?" Melanie answered, slightly disinterested.

"You mean the Workers Party?" Steve asked again.

"Is that what they're called?" Melanie replied.

Steve shook his head.

"What?" Melanie said, completely lost.

"You don't know your parties and ministers? The one who is deciding on your living conditions in this country?" Steve asked.

"Honestly, I don't give a shit," Melanie shrugged.

"Why not? A citizen must be fully active and be up to date with the political scene of his or her own country!" Steve explained. He sounded like a Grassroot leader.

Star scrunched up her face and went back to reading her menu.

"Oh please, there is no "political scene" in Singapore. Nepotism and a rambling senile old man does not make a "political scene"," Melanie rolled her eyes.

"That's not entirely fair, he single handedly made Singapore what it is now," Steve rebutted.

"Singaporeans make Singapore what it is now. It is our very own hardwork, our toils and middle class dreams that made this country what it is today. So do not discount our efforts and our forefathers for the past sixty years with the success story of one man, who if I may add, would be nothing without these very hands," Melanie said.

The whole table went silent.

"The scallops sounds good, no?" Star finally voiced out, trying to mediate the growing tension on the table.

"But still, you shouldn't take the voting process without any sense of importance whatsoever," Steve sternly said.

"Oh whatever Steve. Our political system is so backwards I don't even give a shit. Our laws are still from the British colonial rule and there is no openness about their way of thinking so really who cares?" Melanie rolled her eyes again.

Steve rubbed his temples, clearly having a hard time digesting all of these.

"Let alone marry, you cannot even sleep with the man that you love Steve. They treat us like criminals and you want to talk about taking them seriously? You cannot even see any gay rights improving in your lifetime Steve, let's face it. So who gives a flying fuck as to whether I chose a lightning over a hammer? Just cross lah! If they increase transport fare, I walk to work lor," Melanie said.

"Or hitch a ride in one of your customer's Jaguar," Steve replied snakily.

"Look at my face Steve. I am giving you a I-don't-give-a-fuck-to-what-you-say face," Melanie stared blankly at Steve.

I chuckled. Steve hit my left arm with the menu.

"Oh guys, Worker's Party won! This just in," Star suddenly said, looking up from her phone.

"And with that, my life totally...remains unchanged," Melanie said, sipping her iced water.

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