Sunday, January 20, 2013

Oh Thy Braveheart!

"Do you know what bravery is? No you don't know! You give a man a gun and a helmet, that's not bravery. You give a man a tank and a bazooka, that's not bravery. I'll tell you what bravery is. Bravery is every woman in this room who makes a gynecologist appointment and to show up!" - Joan Rivers

Yes Joan, that and the following 25 things.

1) Bravery is a girl going to the Maldives on a holiday and swimming with sharks, while she is having her period.

2) Bravery is an opening act for a Mariah Carey concert and playing a medley of Nicki Minaj's songs.

3) Bravery is a man wearing his favourite pair of Tod's suede shoes to go out when it is already cloudy outside.

4) Bravery is a set of parents carrying a fever stricken infant up on economy class on a 14 hour plane ride.

5) Bravery is telling your grandfather who just had a bypass heart surgery that you're sending him to a home.

6) Bravery is a girl going out to Orchard Road on a heavy flow day and carrying only one tampon.

7) Bravery is you fellow Singaporeans driving your new Mercedes to Johor Bahru.

8) Bravery is presenting to your fat BFF a set of BioSlim products and writing on the birthday card, "Hope this helps!"

9) Bravery is going through customs in a European country wearing your AAA grade Louis Vuitton Speedy bag.

10) Bravery is telling your mother to shut the hell up while she is suffering from menopause...and cutting celery.

11) Bravery is every Malay couple who decides to have another child.

12) Bravery is telling your college professor that you don't mind sucking his cock in exchange for better grades. (Girls...and guys, take note)

13) Bravery is slapping some random dude pretending to sleep on the train and saying, "Wake up, don't pretend!"

14) Bravery is going to your least favourite girlfriend and upon meeting her say, "You've put on so much weight!"

15) Bravery is creeping up behind an old lady and suddenly going, "Boom!"

16) Bravery is spraying your cologne/perfume at someone's face during peak hours going, "I can't take it!"

17) Bravery is cutting a queue in Singapore.

18) Bravery is going to a coffee shop, spot an empty table with a tissue on top, toss the tissue aside and sitting your ass down.

19) Bravery is meeting your secondary school friend on the streets carrying a newborn baby and going, "Eeeeuw, is that yours?"

20) Bravery is going to a movie theatre carrying a big plastic bag of Lays and sharing it with three other friends.

21) Bravery is trying to argue about Bollywood with me (not to mention extremely unwise and stupid).

22) Bravery is putting down Copenhagen, Milan, Paris as your hometown when in actual fact you live in Teck Whye.

23) Bravery is giving your Mum a cop of 50 Shades of Grey when she asks you to recommend her an English book to improve her English.

24) Bravery is a M.A.C makeup assistant telling one of their customers, "Sorry no amount of makeup can help you."

25) Bravery is when your girlfriend goes to you and asks, "Am I fat" and you say, "Fuck, like duh."

You are of course peaches free to expand this list and suggest other forms of Bravery.

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