Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Young In Death

Steve's paternal grandfather passed away two days ago. And when a man of that stature (and money) passes away, you can be sure that even the sending off is going to be nothing else but in absolute grandeur.

Upon hearing the news, Star texted me: "I am so going to wear my black lace sheath Dolce & Gabbana dress for the funeral! Not going to look like a lost middle class nymph amongst a congregation of filthy rich fucks. And before you ask me, YES I HAVE SENT MY DEEPEST CONDOLENCES TO STAVE BEFORE TEXTING YOU!"

I actually snorted in amusement.

The very next day, the three of us (Star in her black lace sheath Dolce & Gabbana dress, Melanie in a long black dress from BCBG and me in an old H&M ensemble) met Steve at his house. The expansive lawn and driveway was covered with a white tent; they made their own church right in front of their doorstep.

You see what I mean?

"Yo look like a young trophy wife on an Italian mafia godfather, you look like a glommed Morticia Addams and you look like one of those brooding indie stars," Steve chuckled when he saw us.

"And you look like shit," Star said, adjusting her messy bun.

Steve laughed.

"You're not supposed to be laughing. Your grandfather has not even been buried yet," Melanie said.

"On Mel he was 92 years old. He has lived," Steve rolled his eyes.

"Is that your mother? She looks like Joan Collins in Dynasty," I marvelled from where I was standing. She was dressed in a pantsuit (how chic) with a slim belt clinching her small waist, black oversized shades and a huge black satin sun hat.

"Head to toe in Dior. She couldn't decide whether she wants to be appropriately dressed for a funeral or a charity horse running derby. Mum!" Steve called out to her.

"Hello you familiar young faces. So good to see young faces in the sea of sadness, old age and death," Mrs Lee smiled.

"Mum..." Steve injected.

"Oh my father in law hated me. He thought that I wanted to marry Steve's father out of money. Which is true. But it was love for the most part of it. Anyways, please help yourselves to the food. And if you guys feel bored, just go up to my room or Steve's and bunk in there until the entire funeral thing ends. I've got to say hello to a few other people I don't even care about. And how do I look?" Mrs Lee said, hands on her waist.

"You look fabulous," Star immediately said, unable to contain her increasing awe.

Just then Steve's father came out and shook our hands, instantly recognizing us as his son's best friends.

"I believe this is the first time we've met yes?" Me Lee said in a crisp Irish accent, even after all these years, born and bred in Singapore. He looked rather sad but still very enigmatic.

The three of us just nodded. We are in front of Mr Harrison Stanford Lee, the tycoon.

"Gorgeous aren't they? I'm glad Steve made friends with them because honestly, I find it hard to look beyond skin deep," Mrs Lee cackled.

"I'm kidding," she quickly said.

"See you guys later! Nice meeting you all, make yourselves at home. And Steve remind me to pass you the lawyer's letter later. Your late grandfather had willed some of his assets to you," Steve father said, his voice about to break.

"How much do you think it is?" Melanie whispered to my ears.



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  2. Hey nice story!! You inspire me with your wide general knowledge like the dynasty collins woman and stuff like that. Makes it more interesting. I'm writing shorts as well, though it isn't as good as yours. Mind reading one and giving me feedback so i can improve? I suggest u start with dysphoria. thanks again ay (: