Monday, April 15, 2013

25 Things A Bollywood Movie Must Have

1) One hero beating 25 other men, flat. Chuck Norris, who?

2) Windblown hair effect. They can be indoors or in a dingy alley but when the music starts playing, wind motherfuckers. WIND.

3) A hero recoiling like a pussy when the heroine touches the scar.

4) Big, big houses.

5) Shah Rukh Khan.

6) Dramatic slow-mo effects. And excessively used.

7) Tears enough to drown a grown man in.

8) Love triangle, almost definitely.

9) Fireworks. And I'm being literal here.

10) An anguished mother. The more anguished, the better.

11) Villages. And half of the time it would be on fire.

12) Helicopter shots, sometimes to the point of nauseousness.

13) Chest hair (though nowadays a clean shaved look is more popular).

14) Rain, sometimes partial, sometime torrential, but oh, always dramatically.

15) Temple scenes and while we're at it, ringing of bells, the more the merrier.

16) Invincible hero. In cases that hero dies, the entire family would be there bawling their eyes out.

17) Enough gold and jewelry to put India out of poverty.

18) Chiffon sari. In every colour imaginable.

19) Ganges River.

20) Rahul, Raj, Pooja, Priya. The Awesome Foursome.

21) FALSIES!!!

22) Trains, heading everywhere and anywhere.

23) Fields. Sometimes paddy, sometimes poppy.

24) A widow in white, somewhere.

25) Zero common sense.

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