Monday, April 15, 2013

A Vibrating Issue

Have I told you that my mum found a vibrator in Harold's room yesterday? Yes you read that right.

My mum, God bless her poor worrying soul, found a vibrator in Harold's room. Of course the vibrator wasn't his but come on, any mother would flip out if they found a vibrator in their son's room.

It was for Alice, his primary school friend. Harold and his group of friends decided to buy something wacky for Alice as an engagement gift. So all of them bought for her a really nice vibrator (apparently it is in built with four different massaging styles) and Harold was to keep until her engagement next weekend.

What was hilarious wasn't the act of finding out about the vibrator but the way my mum approached the "discovery".

We were having dinner yesterday at home and midway through dinner, my mum asked Harold, "Do you have anything to confess to me?"

Harold scrunched up his face, shook his head and muttered a curt, "No".

"Are you sure?" my mum probed further.

"Why did you found out something?" Harold asked back.

"Maybe," my mum answered.

"What..." harold sighed.

"Are you gay?" my mum abruptly said.

I chocked on my rice and broke into a giggle fit.

"No!" Harold shouted.

"Then why do you have a vibrator in your room?!" my mum shouted back, putting the vibrator on the dinner table. She apparently had it taped underneath our dinner table and wanted to present it to my brother. Oh I know my mother too well.

"It's not mine! It's for Alice!" Harold said.

"Don't lie! If you're gay just say it, don't lie to me I'm your mother!" my mum dramatically cried.

By this time I had already excused myself from the table and was listening to all the action and drama from the kitchen.

"Do you want to talk to Sean? he will explain to you since you don't believe me!" Harold cried.

"Is Sean (Harold's best friend) your boyfriend? Be honest! He is a great kid I don't mind...," my mum kept badgering on.

"Mum! Stop!" Harold shouted.

I actually laughed so hard in the kitchen my mum screamed from the dining table, "Harry it's not funny! Stop!"

After showing my mum the messages inside the group chat containing evidence of them discussing about buying the vibrator then my mum relented. But not before saying something ridiculously epic, like how she is.

"For a moment I thought it really was yours. You scared me. I actually told Aunt Meg about it."

Cue blood curling "What!!" Harold style.

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