Monday, December 30, 2013

Like Mak Nenek

There is something incredibly off putting about parents who dress up their kids in clothes that make them look way older than they are.

Don't get me wrong. I adore kids (not really) who are dressed very cutely and appropriately. I, however, am talking about parents who dress up their kids years beyond their age, complete with garish make-up and unnecessary accessories.

See I believe that kids should look and dress their age. I am absolutely all for playing dress up and looking all cute and she but I draw the line at trying to dress up your kid in such a way that they don't look like a child at all.

I believe that parents have the final say on this issue mainly because they are the ones purchasing the clothes and dressing up their children. And if their children are the ones who request to wear make-up for example, at only six years old, it is the parents who have every right to say "NO". But sadly, some parents don't share the same sentiments.

I was at a wedding the other day with my mum when both of us saw a pair of sisters sitting across our table dressed 30 years beyond their age.

They had a princes gown on, complete with makeup (and we're talking mascara, blusher, lipstick, the whole nine yards), a handbag, a pair of dangling (!!!) earrings, a bejeweled hair band and get this: gold necklace and earrings.

They both look like a bad attempt at dressing up as a Boyanese (fun fact: Boyanese love their gold jewelry) princess during Halloween. And I'm being nice here.

My mum however is more brutal with her observations.

"Why are the two girls dressed up like a Mak Nenek? The mother stupid or what?" my mum loudly exclaimed.

"Mum I think the mother heard you," I whispered, hitting my mother's leg from under the table.

"So? Let them. I mean, children should look like children, not like their mothers!" my mum rambled on.

"You've got a point," I smiled.

The mother of the two girls started to give us wary looks, as if suddenly realizing that we are talking about her.

"They think cute is it? Oh, like trying to make their kids models lah wear this and that. But the children so ugly how to become model? And then they uglify their kids further with makeup and gaudy fashion wear!"

"Mum! Stop, that's so mean," I hushed at her.

"Oh! A Son Of A Peach is telling me that I am mean? What double standard!"

Slowly after, the mother of the two girls stood up and motioned for them to follow her.

As the two girls were walking, my mum said something that made the mother turned and glared at us.

"Oh my god the two girls are wearing heels! I thought it couldn't get any worse! Very Mak Nenek!" my mum squealed loudly.

I immediately took out my phone and pretended to test. And you think I am the bitchy one in the family.


  1. Massive LOL... Your Mom is so mean but she's hilarious...

  2. Well its the truth. Make a vid abt failed parenting dressing heheheh